Reiki Infused Candles Ascended Guides and Masters
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Reiki Infused Candles Ascended Guides and Masters

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these are really wonderful candles. The scents are nice, very present but not overwhelming. I like using them in sets of 3 maybe around a crystal point, or just one to focus your intention. I have some gold and sliver holders for $2 each or you can use any glass votive holder or maybe any vintage glass you might have. 

All of our scented candles are hand crafted using the finest wax, lead-free materials, Reiki Charged, and an exotic blend of essential oils. The strong scent and colorful appearance of our candles are entrancing. We believe all of these factors create a better scented candle with a unique character.

  These votive candles are made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade, wicks constructed from cotton and paper and essential oil blends.